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2016 Top Hounds!!

Pictured:  Dianne Murray and "Gunner" receiving the Top Award for 2016
for the Galgo Espanol. Presented by Dean Wright. 

Other winners from Region 8 are
"Chilli" Basenji, owned by
Audrey Silverstein and Kathy Sanders
 "Vera" Rhodesian, owned by John Arvin
"Fariq" Singles, owned by Sue Meir
Congratulations to each top hound from region 8!!


WGASA Cup Winner 2015!

Basenji "Chili"

Owned by Kathy Sanders

Grand Prix Winner 2015!

Basenji "Chili"

Owned by Kathy Sanders

Best in Sighthound Spree 2014!

Rhodesian Ridgeback "Edmund"

Kushinda's Setting Sail With The Edmund Fitzgerald
Owner:  Kammi Hefner


2014 Region 8 ASFA Hall of Fame Inductees!!


Borzoi "G'Kar"

FC Silkenswift Flurry's G'Kar MC, LCM2, V-FCh, CGC

Owner:  Robert (“Borzoi Bob”) Marciszewski



Rhodesian Ridgeback "Silhouette"

FC Aslan’s Dark Silhouette LCM6, VLCM2, LCX5

Owner:  Ian & Carlee Davies




UCBSC ASFA Trials April 27/28

Saturday Best of Breed Winners

Afghan Riff with owners Jeff Bedrick and Claire Satlof

Basenji  Winter with owner Judy Brader


Borzoi Cinqueda with owner Vickie Littleton

Rhodesian Ridgeback Teaka with owner Bonnie Louden

Saluki Rapp with owner Kathy Lipps

Whippet Talos with owner Alice Mark


Sunday Best of Breed Winners

Afghan Riff with owners Jeff Bedrick and Claire Satlof

Basenji Searsha with owner Kathy Sanders

Borzoi Trigger with handler Harry Van Vliet

Owned by Roy Silguero

Ridgeback  PJ  with owner Julie Cramer

Saluki Mercury

Owned by Jeff & Kathy Lipps

Silken Sunny D with owner Lee Ann Kohler

Whippet  Scooter Pie with owner Nancy Ewing

Above photos by Kathy Sanders



Best in Field #8 !!!

Bacon wins another Best in Field

at SHOT AKC trial in Jamestown, VA on St. Patty's Day (3/17/13)

"Bacon" with Kristen Fredericks and Judge Beverly Griffith

MBIF FC Mariner's Chubby Hubby FCh ARX DPCX TRP PR4 OTR CR

Bacon is owned by Terri DeLuca, Alena Tune, & Kristen Fredericks

Breeders:  Kristen Fredericks & L. Shelton Carter, Jr.