Region 8 Historical Photos


Lifetime Top Hounds from Region 8, from left to right,  Gary Forrester and Bandit, Leigh Littleton and Locket, Ariel Duncan and Zorya, and Tom Shuman and Haseeb


1st Grand Prix - Mecca on the left with Janis Copenhaver and Lando on the right with Triana Bianchi


Leigh Littleton and "Locket" - the top coursing hound in Region 8

Zaraya of the Wild Hunt, LCM XVII

Asparagus man as Asparagus Man

“Haseeb” Sura Haseeb Amun Kahtadin.. ASFA LIFETIME TOP 20 and HALL OF FAME HOUND

“Fire” Ch O’bre-on’s Eternal Fire Treybeau, LCM V, Lifetime top 20, ASFA Hall of Fame with Dean Wright

Dean Wright, Nan Kilgore- Koppel and Judy Roisland

“Eterna” CH Sunking Eterna of Treybeau, LCM. First FCh First AKC Breed Champion.  ASFA Hall of Fame Hound. With Janis Copenhaver and an unnamed judge

Grand Prix -1983

Atis Lillstrom, Ariel Duncan

Jonathan Jordan

Jack McManus

Ariel Duncan, Jan McKinney and ” Zorya”, Ch Birchwood Caspian P Zorya, LCM VI, Can FCHX  ASFA LIFETIME TOP 20, ASFA Hall of Fame

Leilani Hughes and Charlie

Les Pekarski and Thom Haig

Kathy O’Brien, Dean Wright and Aquilla, Eterna , Flyer and Melvin


Ed and Valerie Reese at the ACOD in Denver, CO 1978


Daphne Bell, Phylis Roe and Diana Darling

at a Camp Treybeau New Years Party


Jonathan Jordan and Sultan

PHAST Trial 2004


John Arvin and Molly

with the Mother of all Rosettes