2015 Region 8 Regional Invitational

The 2015 Region 8 Regional Invitational will be held by DASH at Oatlands Plantation, Leesburg, VA on November 21st & 22nd

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Regional Invitational Trophies !!!

The Quinlan Trophy - Irish Wolfhound

The Aslan Trophy - Rhodesian Ridgeback


Best in Field


Whippet Best of Breed


Pete Smith Memorial Trophy - Basenji


The Sophie Trophy - Scottish Deerhound


The Tom Smith Trophy - Irish Wolfhound (Saturday)


The Joey Award - Basenji


The Pete & Camille Mendicino Trophy - Pharoah Hound (Saturday)

The Don & Nancy Ewing Trophy - Italian Greyhound


The Leigh Littleton Trophy - Borzoi (Saturday)


The Bob & Linda Jordan Trophy - Afghan Hound (Saturday)


The Dean Wright Trophy - Ibizan Hound (Saturday)


The Jack McManus Trophy - Whippet (Saturday)


The Bob & Norma Sellers Trophy - Scottish Deerhound (Saturday)


The G'Kar Trophy - Borzoi (Sunday)



Past Regionals

The 2014 Region 8 Regional Invitational was held by UCBSC in Hanover, PA on November 29 & 30th

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  2014 Regional Invitational RESULTS